Remember This Tail

Meeting Barbossa.

Barbossa tossed back his drink and guzzled the remain bit of the fine amber liquid. He blinked his blue eyes, completely baffled at what he saw before him. She had a tail?! He tilted his head in curiosity, not sure what to make of what he just spied. “Balder ye arr full of surprises I see…” He gestured towards her tail on the chair.

She drank the rest of hers and looked back at her tail at his gesture. She chuckled and blushed a little before she turned back to him, wagging her tail before it wrapped around her cup and took it from her hands. “Yeah.” she said. “I was implanted with monkey genes.”

Barbossa raised a brow,rather puzzled with what she had said. “Elaborate…” He rasped as he leaned back in his chair and nursed his mug or rum. He was not sure what he was getting into with her but he was rather curious about her whole situation.

“Well, Me and my brothers and sisters, before we were fully formed humans, we were implanted with a lot of different genes from different animals. We all have dog, bat, monkey, ram, bull, and cat. I got predominantly monkey genes though, and due to radiation mutating me a little bit, I can fly.” she shrugged and set the empty glass on the table with her tail. When Barbossa leaned back in his chair, Balder got a better look at him, and found him………quite attractive, causing her to blush a little.

“I see …” He replied to her story. Captain Barbossa gave her a side glance when he noticed her longer then normal stare. The stain that painted her cheeks when he caught her made him arch a brow and lift his chin in a cocky manner. “What?” He questioned.

“Um…….I just find you really attractive.” she said. Part of rarely being out in public, the social awkwardness and her brutal honesty. Her blush had gotten darker.

Captain Barbossa could not hold back his chuckle, he was rather amused and not so used to anyone saying he was attractive. Jack Sparrow, he’d be hearing of his witty, handsomeness all of his waking hours. But to hear someone say he was handsome was rather refreshing, he was liking her more by the minuet. Her brutal honesty and blushes adding to the charm. “Methinks I should be sayin’ thankee.” He replied.

Balder smiled “You’re welcome, but I’m only telling the truth, for me at least.” she said, sitting on the floor next to him. She looked up at him with her green eyes.